Some Of The Factors To Consider When Buying A Sports Car

Many people with a fat wallet and a large bank account find themselves pondering what they can spend all their money on. Answer is a brand new sports car that can run the quarter mile in under 11 sec that's what I would spend my money on.

Here is how to look at buying a brand new sports car, the good ways and the bad ways.

People who are obsessed with sports cars can find every reason why to buy one and every reason why they shouldn't own one. Some of these pros and cons are listed below.

Sports cars not only fit the lifestyles of the rich and the famous but with every person with a bit of money and wanting to spend it on a nice ride. Many of these sports cars come stock with horsepower going over 500 some with way more like Lamborghinis or Porsches.

Small sporty convertibles will depreciate in value of the years and will get down to worth less then when you bought it. This really depends on the car; Corvettes from the sixties are worth way more now than they were then.

People who love spending all their money on these types of cars can choose between coupes or convertibles I personally like imports over anything I would take a Supra over a high end sports car today. That is a turbo Supra of course.

Most sports cars with an automatic transmission, like most other vehicles, will be worth more than the ones with a standard transmission. There are some exceptions with true sports cars and with sports cars that really need the ability to benefit from the torque that comes from using a manual transmission.

A lot of sports cars are prone to having problems, some of their parts are exotic and may be hard to find. When or if you buy a sports car never expect to get back what you paid for it. These cars are just another way to get around. Many become garage babies and are never run.

Of course driving an expensive sports car means paying a lot more for gas because they usually have the motor with a v-8 or v-12 which will get you about 15 miles to the gallon if you are lucky. This is also a good reason why more people should drive an import, good gas mileage plus high performance.

On the other side of the table though sports cars are already fast when you buy them, but like they say you can make a car as fast as your billfold is fat. That is the beauty of imports, over exotics. If you don't have the money for a 300k factory vehicle you can always spend a tenth of that and have one probably just as fast with the right mechanic.


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